Andrew Giaquinto



What attracted you to IOP Publishing?

It was an opportunity to work for an organisation that hadn’t got a culture of art direction, so I saw it as an opportunity to develop a design team, introduce design values to a range of products, develop the brands, introduce images, understanding of typography. As well I like the fact that it was a global organisation with international staff.

What is the culture and working environment like?

Here in the studio it is a fairly small team, so it is important that there is a strong collaboration amongst the design staff, with the various skill sets that are needed - from print to digital to the production staff as well. It’s very focused, so we can deliver high quality design across the business.

What makes you stay at IOP Publishing?

It’s a forward looking company that is embracing new technologies generally, which makes it a very exciting time in publishing at the moment. And it will be in the next few years for sure. 

What training and development opportunities are there at IOP Publishing?

IOP Publishing has a good, strong culture of developing staff and training. Here in the studio we have been developing our staff in new technologies. As well we have found it necessary to bring in new skills, such as web designers, to complement the existing staff. Working together we find that we can help each other and learn from each other as well.

What are the benefits of working for IOP Publishing?

For me, one of the benefits is the fact that we are based in Bristol. It’s a very creative city, in terms of its arts, its music and its theatre. It’s constantly evolving and it has a very positive attitude towards the environment and transport policies as well. 

Why should someone want to work at IOP Publishing?

IOP Publishing is an organisation that really definitely recognises the value of its people and staff. It invests in their development, training and new skills. In terms of the design studio, it’s an area where you can make a difference working with a range of people and products. You really feel as though you are contributing to the success of the organisation.