Caroline Andrew


What attracted you to IOP Publishing?

After I finished my PhD I still wanted to be in physics to keep links with the research community, but at the same time I wanted a broader perspective of physics, a broader awareness. I had always been aware of IOP and IOP Publishing, I always read Physics World and read papers from one of the many journals that IOP Publishing hosts. So I went ahead and registered my details on the website, later I became aware of an opportunity and I went ahead and applied and here I am.

What do you enjoy about working here?

I think one of the main things that I enjoy about my role as Publishing Editor with IOP Publishing is the fact that I’m one of the first people to see a new piece of research as soon as it comes into the building. So that is quite exciting to see a new paper which is reporting potentially new and interesting developments in a particular field, and then to have the responsibility of looking after that paper and see it all the way through the peer review process.

What is the culture and working environment like?

The culture and working environment is very open and relaxed. It is friendly; we work on two floors of an open plan office. Everyone sits together so it is very easy to approach senior managers if you need help. It is a very good place to work. 

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to working at IOP Publishing. We have a flexible benefits scheme you can join, it covers a wide range of benefits from pensions to healthcare schemes. That is coupled with the fact that the building is located right next to the main train station in Bristol - so that is very convenient. There is an excellent café that is subsidised and it always has a brilliant range of cakes or anything you want to eat at lunch or to get you through the afternoon. So lots of benefits. 

What is the social life like?

The social life at IOP Publishing is really good. Everyone is really friendly so there is always someone to have a chat with or a cup of tea with. The Editorial group go to the pub at lunchtime  once a week which is always good to have a break from work and get out and socialise over a beer. If you are interested in football or badminton or other sports there are groups of people that go out and play together, so really whatever you are interested in there’s something that will satisfy what you like doing. 

Why should someone want to work at IOP Publishing?

IOP Publishing is a great place to work for many, many reasons. From my point of view as a PhD graduate you get to maintain links with the research community, you get to work in a relaxed, easy-going environment and meet new and interesting people all the time at board meetings and conferences. There are lots of opportunities for training and development. So, all in all lots to recommend it.