Edward Jost



What do you enjoy about working at IOP Publishing?

What I really enjoy about working at IOP Publishing is the variety. I work on websites. I work on magazines, journals, events. I work on a large portfolio of products that makes my day interesting. It moves me about, I’m doing constantly different things and that keeps me interested. But also the company is very keen to promote innovation. They want you having ideas, if it is something that is going to improve the business, if it is something that is going to increase revenue, increase the companies portfolio then management are very keen to actively encourage you into investigating how that can be done. 

What interesting projects have you worked on?

I have worked on a variety of interesting projects here at IOP Publishing. A couple that stand out would be working on the CERN magazine. We produced a special commemorative issue for the turning on of the Large Hadron Collider, which is an experiment that everybody knows about because of its size and what it was trying to do. We have then worked on a follow up commemorative issue earlier this year looking at the results from that experiment so that was an exciting project to be involved in. I’ve also worked on helping organise the UK’s largest physics conference earlier this year which again highlights the variety of my role here at IOP publishing and why I enjoy working here so much.

What is the culture and working environment like?

The culture at IOP Publishing is very much one of growth and innovation. The company is looking to constantly grow, we now have an e-books department, we have grown our exhibitions activities, we are constantly developing iPad apps, iPhone apps, things like this, so we are looking at ways of innovating and leading as a publisher. That is actively encouraged by senior management and keeps us ahead of the competition. 

What makes you stay here?

What makes me stay at IOP Publishing is the fact that IOP Publishing is an international publisher. I get to travel around the globe visiting customers, visiting eminent physicists and picking up on new techniques. Things that are done elsewhere in the world, cultural differences and it really helps me with my development of the business. It lets me see that something that might work for someone in Europe doesn’t work for somebody in Asia, and it helps me to refine the offerings that we put to the community and again it keeps us as a leading publisher in an international field. 

What is the social life like?

The social life at IOP Publishing is really good. We have company wide events twice a year and departmental get-togethers on a more regular basis. Me and my team will get together outside of work as we are not just colleagues but also friends. 

Why should someone want to work at IOP Publishing?

I think someone would want to work at IOP Publishing because we are a growing international organisation. We are looking to do this through innovation in publishing, we invest heavily in our staff with the goal of becoming the worlds leading scientific publisher.