Tami Freeman



What attracted you to IOP Publishing?

My background is in physics so I did a degree, a PhD and some post doctoral research at which point I decided I’d like to make the move into scientific publishing. What attracted me to the Institute of Physics was that I could make that move into a new career but I could still be able to use all of the background and experience that I had in the area of physics.

What do you enjoy about working at IOP Publishing?

My job is basically to run a website about medical physics. I’m the Editor and I pretty much have control of what goes into the website, the development of the website. I like the fact that I am trusted to do this on my own, however there is also support from my managers and the other journalists that I sit near by. So if I need any advice or someone to talk to there is always somebody on hand. 

What career opportunities are there?

I started work at IOP publishing about 13 years ago as a Production Editor in the journals department. After a couple of years some jobs were advertised in what was then the magazines department, and I applied and got a job working as a reporter for one of the magazines. Since then I have moved up and ended up being an Editor, first for a magazine and now for a website. What’s good about the way it works here is that we are trained on the job in journalism, so we are sent on courses to learn about news reporting, interviewing, media law and so on. They’re basically taking people with a scientific background and training us to be journalists. 

What are the benefits?

I have a young daughter who is currently at school. One of the good things about IOP Publishing is that both of my managers have recently been really good about allowing me to fit my working hours around my childcare needs. There’s also the possibility of working from home occasionally and that really helps as well. 

What is the social life like?

I think a lot of people live quite nearby in Bristol. There’s quite a lot of young people that work here so there is quite a lot of social activity, people going out after work. The company also runs things like departmental training days and team building days. Also IOP Publishing has started supporting charities and running fundraising events for this. For example they have had a pub quiz, there is a music night coming up so there is quite a lot going on.

Why should someone want to work at IOP Publishing?

IOP Publishing provides a friendly yet professional working environment. I think that for somebody with a background in Physics or other sciences what it gives is an opportunity to use your scientific background in a completely different way.